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A2 Stainless Upgrade Pack - Yamaha FS1E

Our Price: £49.95

Upgrade Kit for your FS1E. All quality A2 Stainless.  All brand new. Will not rust.
1. Wheel Spacers (front, rear and sprocket);
2. Handlebar Washers (two smaller - one larger);
3. Engine Bolts, Washers and Nuts;
4. Brake Rod Nut, Barrel and Spring;
5. Engine Covers Philips Screw Kit;
6. Brake Light and Indicator Lens Screws; and
7. M12 and M12 Dome Nuts for your shockers.

Best to use some anti-seize lubricant when fitting to ensure stuff does not seize up.

I send the packs from near Heathrow in the UK via Royal Mail.

I sell many packs to many different countries as well.

For overseas delivery please allow at least a week for delivery, sometimes longer. Royal Mail have over 99.5% success rate delivering my packs.