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A2 Bolt, Nuts & Phillip Screw Megapack - Honda CB550

Our Price: £70.00

My MegaPacks contain many of the nuts / bolts / screws / washers etc you need when restoring your classic bike or need at hand for general day to day maintenance.

The kit includes many of the M3 / M4 / M5 / M6 / M8 / M10 nuts and bolts and screws along with your castle and dome nuts.

I obtain the size and lengths of the fasteners on your bike and sort them into marked individual plastic packets to make your life as easy as possible.

I source top quality pattern fasteners that match the originals as much as I can, so you get proper phillips headed screws and nuts and bolts that have the correct threads. You also get a set of screws for your crankcase (engine) covers (not crankcase halves).

I have sold many of these packs and have got excellent feedback on them. If you bear in mind that when you buy one of these packs you only buy what you need and you save the hassle of looking for the right sizes / lengths which makes them excellent value for money.

And as a bonus if you are not entirely happy with the pack you can return it for a full refund. Also if you feel if anything is missing I am always happy to supply extra fasteners if I stock them. I ask that you make just one or max two further requests for additional (missing fasteners). I will either send the additional ones on or let you know I don't stock them.

As each pack if made to order I normally aim to turn around in two or three working days. Please note during busy periods this may rise to 5 working days. Please bear with me. The packs are worth waiting for!

I send the packs from near Heathrow in the UK via Royal Mail.

I sell many packs to many different countries as well. For overseas delivery please allow at least a week for delivery, sometimes longer. Royal Mail have over 99.5% success rate delivering my packs.