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A2 Philips Engine Covers Kit - Suzuki ER50

Our Price: £8.25

A2 Philips Engine Covers Kit.

This pack of Grade A2 Stainless Steel Phillips Screws (just like the originals but will not rust) will replace the existing crankcase covers fasteners on your bike that over the years tend to loose their shine and get easily damaged.

They are stainless steel they will not rust. I have carefully measured all the lengths but am always happy to send extra screws if they are needed.

The pack covers the left and right covers and any inspection plates on the engine (not the crankcase halves). It is an economical way of replacing these screws as you get the exact number of screws required at the correct length.

Please remember to use some anti-seize lubricant, like copper grease, to make it easier to remove them in the future.